Monday, July 30, 2007

We Don't Want to Come Home!

We had such a good time last week in Navarre Beach, Florida that we did NOT want to come home. We loved our condo, but the beach was the best!

Luke liked playing in the sand, collecting shells and hunting crabs at night. But his favorite things about the whole trip were the swimming pool and the Playstation 2 in his bedroom. Eric says we could have saved a lot of money and stayed at the Holiday Inn on JFK!

We met up with our friends Billy and Julie and their kiddos in Pensacola Beach for dinner one night. It was an adventure trying to crack open crab legs and whole lobsters. Next time, we are sticking with the shrimp. YUM!

We feel very blessed to have gotten a chance to get out of Arkansas for awhile to rest and relax. It was good to just be together-Mama, Daddy and Luke.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Last time at the beach...

This was the last time we visited Navarre-September 2004. Luke had just turned three years old and did not like the beach at all. He was scared of the waves and only enjoyed nighttime hunting of crabs. We are so excited about going again. Just the last minute packing left to do and we head out on Friday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

T-ball is over!

Luke played T-ball this spring at Sylvan Hills Optimist. This was his first season and he did all the typical things that new players do (i.e. looked at the clouds in the outfield, played in the dirt in the dugout, yawned a lot and was generally more interested in what color of Gatorade he was going to get instead of the actual game). He played second base and he was number three. Eric was the coach's assistant and really enjoyed helping Luke's team (though he got frustrated at times at Luke's lack of passion for the game). We started practicing in late February and we ended at the end of June. It was a long season, but Luke learned a lot and had fun. His favorite part of all games was the huddle at the end: "One...Two...Three..Go Mets!!!".

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mid-America Museum

Since it was rainy today, April and I decided to skip Wild River Country and take the boys to Mid-America Museum in Hot Springs. We didn't tell Ty, Harlan and Luke where we were going. They tried to guess, but couldn't figure it out. When they saw it was a museum, the older two were like, "Great...this is going to be so boring! Museums only have pictures." Mid-America was anything but boring. We made shadows, looked at a fresh aquarium, explored faux caves, watched a laser light show and so much more. It was a great surprise for them and a fun time was had by all.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

St. Louis

This will be my first attempt at a real blog. I decided instead of reading other people's blogs all the time (it's turned into being quite a habit), I could make my own. I think my life is just as exciting as other people's. :)

I'm posting pictures of our St. Louis trip last month. Although Luke was five years old at the time, it was our first trip just the three of us. We had an excellent time. We stayed in a nice hotel downtown, took a carriage ride to the new Busch Stadium to watch the Cards play, went to the St. Louis Zoo, Grant's Farm, played at the Magic House and ate at some great restaurants. I highly recommend it for all!