Sunday, October 26, 2008

Air Show

Last weekend, we decided to go to the Air Show at the Air Force Base close by. It's only about 10-15 minutes from our house, but we decided to go the same time 250,000 other people were going. It only took 90 minutes to get parked!!! Eric and Luke are not very patient. Ha!

My brother-in-law, Bryan, was down south setting up deer camp so April was solo today. We had a GREAT time and the weather was perfect!

Harlan and Luke were cooperative with the picture taking. Ty-NOT SO MUCH!!!!

Where are Luke's sunglasses?!? Look how tall he's getting!!!! Makes me sad!

Of course when you go places like this, you have to get some good food! Eric had a philly steak sandwich, the boys had nachos and chicken and I had to get some Kettle Korn. Good thing I got a big bag, 'cuz everyone was stealin' it!

I really tried to get some good shots of the Blue Angels!

But it just wasn't happening! Ha! They were just too fast!

Got them that time...

And again! They are so cool! I think April, Eric and I were more impressed than the boys (although they loved it!). It's crazy how close the planes get to each other and I LOVE how loud they are it! I couldn't stop yelling! :)

Not quite sure what April is doing in this picture, but I had to post the only picture of the Sunglass Sistas!!!!!

Isn't April a great Mama teaching her boys to flash the loser sign at people!?! Here she is in her new FJ cruiser! SWEET!

Me and my sweetie! Fun Times!

Monday, October 13, 2008

State Fair!

The State Fair is one of my favorite things to do! It's a fun tradition for my sister, April, and I to go with our families and tonight we had PERFECT weather! Eric's not big on the rides-he just loves the fair food! Like corn dogs, fried potato chips, ice cream and a few nibbles of Funnel Cake. Luke said, "Daddy's probably gonna throw up tonight!".

Luke and I got there a little earlier than everyone else, so we had a fun time checking out the rabbits and...

...he especially loved these little baby chicks.

Time for a Family Photo-Op! The boys are getting so big! They are fearless with the rides and I'm proud to say that Luke kept up with them except for a couple of huge rides that only Ty and Bryan rode.

We can't go to the State Fair without Ty riding the mechanical bull! He's been doing this since he was two years old!

Doesn't Harlan look like he's having the best time? He's so relaxed (even though he's about to get tossed off!).

This was Luke's first year to ride. He did a great job considering this bull-riding stuff is all new to him! I'm sure Eric is hoping this is his FIRST AND LAST bull-riding event. I guess April was feeling a little envious of all the boys getting to ride, so...

...she decided to take the challenge! Only when Bryan and Ty were VERY FAR AWAY riding a ride, she decided to be brave and hop on. For all of those that know April, she isn't afraid to say what she thinks (that's an understatement-HAHAHAHA), but she is NOT comfortable at all with the limelight on her. And I'm kinda thinking that with all this yelling she was doing, the limelight was certainly on her for about...hmmm.....was it 5 or 6 seconds? I can't remember, because I was laughing so hard! She did great!

One of the newest delicacies at the State Fair this year was called Pig Lickin'! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!? BECAUSE I DON'T THINK YOU ARE...It was a big, fat piece of bacon deep fried AND then had chocolate syrup poured all over it! CAN YOU SAY DISGUSTING!?! Bryan liked it, but then I'm sure he would eat a bowl of sawdust if you poured chocolate on the top! EWWWWWWW!

Here's our brave boy, Harlan! He's singing karaoke all by himself. This was his second year in a row to run up on stage and to sing a Johnny Cash solo diddy! Last year was "Ring of Fire" and this year it was "Folsum Prison Blues"! He did a great job and we are always amazed at his love for entertaining!

We kept running into many friends! Here's Christi with us (we discovered last fall that she must be a sister that accidentally got separated from us-we have SO much in common! I know...that is kinda scary. You probably feel sorry for her now, don't you?). Anyway, she was there with her sweet family. (Kelly...Sorry, I didn't get a picture of you. I was too busy laughing at April giving Matt a hard time).

Thank goodness April didn't have pictures of me getting off any of the 10 spinny rides that I rode. April and Eric can't ride anything that spins, so Bryan and I get to take the kids on all the ones that go in very fast circles! I was fine until about ride #9...whew!

I think this last picture just about sums up how our night went. She is so crazy! We had a GREAT time and I'm already looking forward to the 2009 State Fair!

What is your favorite thing about the fair?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday!

Happy Friday to Everyone! I've had a VERY busy week at work and Eric left to go out of town yesterday morning (for only one night for a marketing retreat). As a speech therapist, my days consist of wiping noses about 67 times a day, changing diapers, feeding babies, going to conferences, calling parents, etc. Oh yeah! And I do therapy (which is why I went to college for 6 LONG YEARS).

Anyway, I got paged to the front yesterday and this is what was waiting for me! YEAH! Eric sent them just to tell me he missed me! I tell you they came at just the right time. I needed some pretty flowers to brighten my day. And they are REALLY getting me in the fall mood. I told Luke that we are going to buy a pumpkin this weekend. I don't usually decorate for fall, but I'm gonna put together something for my front door at home and may get some flowers and pumpkins for the front porch. Who knows? I may even throw in a scarecrow...

Eric is such a sweet husband about doing things like this at unexpected times. He's also very wonderful at helping around the house, being patient with Luke (usually!!!) and he keeps me laughing EVERY SINGLE DAY! God certainly knew what he was doing by pairing us up. I guess I'm gonna keep him around...especially considering in December it will be our 15th wedding anniversary! Can that be possible?!?