Friday, July 24, 2009

Best Friends Forever!

Last week, Sylvan Hills High School celebrated it's 20 year High School Reunion. I cannot believe it has been TWENTY YEARS since I graduated! That just seems crazy.

The morning of the reunion, I was able to meet two of my former BFF's from junior high...Mary Anne and Haley!
I don't think the three of us have been in the same room together since 1986. We ended up graduating from three different high schools and just drifted apart. Facebook has been wonderful at connecting people (and horrible for my blogging...seem to spend all my time over there!). We met at Mimi's Cafe and had the best breakfast.

We were cracking up at Haley because she had on such tall sandals! She was towering over me and Mary Anne.

Haley is the mom of four, home schools and lives around here.
Mary Anne lives in sunny Florida and is in Advertising like Eric.

We had the best time remembering our friendship, talking about memories we had of each other, thanking the Good Lord that we didn't end up with former boyfriends and laughing the whole time.

So glad to have reconnected with these sweet friends!

Proverbs 17:17 says, "A friend loves at all times...".

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Visiting the nieces

Here are Leslie and Patrick's sweet little babies. These are our new nieces...Geneva Marie and Lexa Joy. Geneva has the dark hair and Lexa's is blonde (Oh my goodness...I didn't even take one picture of Leslie or Patrick. I was too busy taking pics of the babies-sorry!).

We took took turns holding them even when they were sleeping. Geneva's dress said "Miss Independent". They both had on little Fourth of July dresses. So cute.

Lexa seemed to smile more in her sleep. Wonder what they dream about?

Luke was really sweet with the girls. He's used to being the youngest on my side of the family, so I think he was just amazed at how tiny they were.

So sweet!

Proud Uncle Eric-he loves babies so much.

Aren't babies so fun to watch?!? Lexa and Geneva's due date was actually July 14th, so they technically aren't even supposed to be here yet. But I sure am glad they are!!!

It looks like Geneva is signing "Mommy". I taught her how to do that! :)

Lexa looks like a little baby doll!

We had so much fun visiting with Leslie, Patrick, Geneva, Lexa, Whiskey and Corky! We are sad they live so far away...just have to make more road trips.

Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacation Bible School

Just a quick note to tell about our church's Vacation Bible School this year. We had the Crocodile Dock theme and it was soooooo good. I was a crew leader, which means I had the same group of kids each night (usually 10-12 of them) and myself and a helper would go from activity to activity with them. They had Bible lesson, snacks & games, crafts and music. The music was amazing this year! All of the props, teachers, leaders, games and activities were so appropriate and everything pointed the kiddos to Jesus.

Luke and I picked up two of his friends this week each night. It was a little tiring going straight from work, picking up Luke, eating dinner, changing clothes, picking up his friends and going to church each night but as the week comes to a close it was SO WORTH IT. One of the little girls in our group got saved Thursday night after the lesson! She was from a divorced home and her grandma had been bringing her each night. She was so sweet and it was neat to experience.

Luke is still at the age where the group activities at VBS are very fun! He really gets into the music, crafts, games-just all of it! He loved having his friends Sadie and Jalen with him each night. He really listens well most of the time and only occasionally gets so hyper that I have to rein him in!

Last night, when we gathered into the sanctuary the whole group (approximately 160 kids and 100 adult volunteers) sang songs. The first two songs were pretty high energy. But the last song called "Faith" was slow and sweet with great lyrics about how we have faith that Jesus is going to do great things! Earlier in the night the kids had gotten these little battery operated flame candles that went along with their Bible lesson. As the song "Faith" was being played along with a slide show of pictures from the week, I looked around the dark sanctuary. I don't know how it got started but almost all of the kids had taken their little flame candles and they were swaying their arms back and forth with the music. Just like at a concert! It was funny and sweet at the very same time. I'm usually not emotional at the times I'm supposed to be (i.e. weddings, first day of school, etc.), but I think I got a little tear as I looked around at all those kids singing about Jesus and shining their lights. It was definitely a moment that I wanted to freeze. I thank God for my church and for giving me a little boy to love and take care of. It is my prayer that someday he grows to know the Lord in a personal way. I believe the Lord has great and mighty things for Luke!