Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Day of School

Ever since Luke has been in kindergarten, I have had him pose on the first and last day of school. It is so neat to see how he grows so much throughout the year.

Here's Luke hanging with some of his best buddies: Sadie, Isaac and Jeremiah!

Luke had an amazing 2nd grade year. The theme for his school this year was God's Top 10:The Ten Commandments. They had songs for each commandment and I pray that they stick to his memory. Luke is such a rule follower and I pray that knowing what God's rules are will help him as he gets older.

Second grade was very busy for Luke. He learned how to carry and borrow 4-digit numbers and even multiply and divide! He finished a history project in the fall and a science project in the spring. He is writing more creatively as well. Last week he had to complete this writing assignment.

Tell what you want to be when you grow up: Ice cream Truck Driver
Tell why you want this to be your job: 1. Because I get to eat ice cream all day 2. I only have to work in the spring and summer!
What can you do now to prepare for this career: Practice scooping ice cream and drive slow!

Ha! We thought this was great! Now ask me again in 10 years if I want him to be an Ice Cream Truck Driver...

Eric and I are so proud of Luke and thankful that he LOVES school.

Good times...