Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Two Boys

I wanted to post this picture for two reasons. First of all, Luke and Eric have both been sick with the flu and this has been a VERY LONG WEEK. Luke started his sickness February 5th with a fever and he has had 3 weeks of getting better, throwing up, improving, getting fever, going back to school and this week he just kept worse and worse. He's missed 3 days of school and we've been to the doctor twice. They had to draw blood, take x-rays and finally after Tami-flu and an inhaler he is feeling better! Thank the Lord.

Eric stayed home with Luke two of the three days that he missed. I'm so thankful that we both have jobs that are flexible! It is a HUGE blessing! Well, Luke's germs finally got the best of Eric and he started feeling bad on Friday morning. By Friday night, Eric could barely lift his head off his pillow. He was so weak, nauseated and had fever. Eric is NEVER sick and it is terrible seeing him like that!

So I wanted to post a cute picture of them looking healthy! :) The other reason I wanted to look at this pic is that I AM SO READY FOR A VACATION! I don't know what it is about his time of year. I start getting cabin fever and so stir crazy. We've had a couple pretty days lately (even though I don't think anyone needs to wear flip-flops in February...I don't care how warm it is outside). I've actually bought two pairs of sandals from Target because they were just so cute! But I will save them for April (the month...not my sister, April). Anyway, I love planning for trips. I love
searching for condos, cabins, houses, etc. I love planning fun weekend trips and now we are trying to figure out a short weekend trip for Luke's Spring Break. Any ideas?