Friday, November 16, 2007

This is for you, Kelly!


This has been such an exciting and busy past two days! My sister, April, is the president of PTO at Ty and Harlan's school. After working at my full-time job, I volunteered for 5 hours at their school last night. I was able to help by taking money from parents, moving tables, unloading trucks, cleaning the school and helping corral my sweet nephews. After I left there, I was able attend a baby shower for my friend Holly (You sure did get lots of cute things for the new baby, Holly!).

I am so enjoying my career as a speech-language pathologist. I've been out of school for eight years now (I know...I don't look that old, do I?) and I love working with all the children at my center. After helping with our fall festival at the center where I work, I headed over to Luke's school. I was in charge of organizing his Thanksgiving party. We had a wonderful time. The games I picked out were absolutely perfect! The children in his class are so wonderful. I'm getting to know all of them so well, because I volunteer my time every Wednesday to read to them. Such sweeties! Did I forget to write that Luke is now writing cursive (in 1st grade-isn't that incredible?!?) and has made straight As all year long. I don't know if his school has Gifted & Talented, but we are about to find out.

When I arrived home this afternoon, my amazing husband had cooked us dinner. He grilled barbequed ribs. I love it when he surprises me like this. Like when he sent me "just because" bouquet of roses to work a few months ago. Isn't it crazy that we have been together since 1990 and I love him more each and every day. You may be able to see Eric tomorrow. He'll be on the sidelines at the Hogs game wearing a press pass. He gets the special passes (along with free parking right up front) and dinner due to his friends that he made when he worked at U of A's Sports Information Department. He sure misses interviewing the players and coaches. But now he spends all his time writing and directing commercials and radio spots for his ad agency. But he still loves rooting the Razorbacks any chance he gets. Go Hogs!

I cannot believe in just a few days we will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house. So wonderful to get all the family together at one time. Then next week, decorating the Christmas tree and all the neat things that go along with that. Can't wait!

Well, I'm off to study my Sunday School lesson now...

To all my crazy friends that read this boring blog...just wanted to give you something interesting to read. Some people actually write like this all the time. Please know this was all tongue in cheek! I hope you had fun reading it...


Shannon said...

Of course you know that I loved your post! You're so crazy!