Saturday, December 22, 2007

Silly Snapshot Saturday

Don't you love the title of this post?!? I had to invent it since I forgot Favorite Foto Friday. I was too busy wrapping Christmas presents and watching Christmas Vacation with Eric. He has to watch that at least once a year.

This picture was taken by my very good friend, Kelly. It's of my crazy sister, April. She cleans Kelly's house on a regular basis (that's her career and she's very good at it-no need calling me for her number...she's always booked!). Well, for some reason she thought it would be a good idea to vacuum while holding Kelly's baby, Parker. He looks kinda content, doesn't he? That is SO April. She's always multi-tasking. She can get more done in one hour than most girls I know do all day long. And the whole time she will be on her cell phone (which one you ask? she has two!!!!). That's April and I love her!


Anonymous said...

April does it all, she also comes early and watches Parker while I take Mackenzie to Mother's Day Out. Thanks April for being the best housecleaner ever!! She can do it all. Kelly