Thursday, March 6, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Here are my sweet nephews Ty & Harlan otherwise known as "Mr. Cool" and "Mr. Laid Back"-Ha! If you guys know them, you will know that perfectly describes their personalities. They have been greatly different from birth. But you will never meet two brothers that are closer than they are.

Ty and Harlan are ten and eight years old now. I was an aunt before I was a mom and being an aunt has always been one of my most favorite roles. When they were babies, I practically lived with April and Bryan. I pretended I was their nanny. I love spoiling them with little things. They have always been so wild, rough and tough! They love shooting guns, fishing, riding their horses, playing in the mud, etc. They are both great at sports. They've played football, basketball, baseball and Harlan has played soccer. They are growing so much and are changing in looks and personalities.

Luke and I get to pick them up from school at least one day a week. We eat dinner together and head to church for AWANA. Luke doesn't have any brothers or sisters, so Ty and Harlan are his favorite people on earth!

We love you, Ty & Harlan!


Megan said...

Is one of them in the cutest kid contest in the paper? I swear I saw their picture!