Thursday, June 12, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday!

Here's Luke, Ty and Harlan a few weeks ago with their AWANA awards. They love AWANA on Wednesday nights at our church. Each week they memorize Scriptures, have game time, and go to council time/handbook time. Luke and Harlan are Sparks which is kindergarten through second grade. Ty is a T&T boy which is for third through sixth graders. It's amazing how quickly little kids can soak up God's Word. With AWANA they also do activities like Bible Quiz and Grand Prix (where they build, paint and race their own wooden cars).

I didn't grow up in church and I so would have loved AWANA! Especially filling out the workbooks and memorizing the Scriptures. What about the game time?!? NOT SO MUCH!!! I was literally the slowest runner in my whole class all through elementary school (I take that back...there was one girl slower than me, but I think she outweighed me by 75 pounds and that was in 4th grade!!!!). Needless to say, I was not anywhere close to being at the top of the list when kids would pick for kickball. I told you guys I was a nerd!!!!

Anyway, back to AWANA! I'm so glad our boys are spending their Wednesday nights at church learning more about our Lord-Jesus Christ! They are all such good pray-ers! They are so sincere and caring about how they pray for their friends, family and prayer requests.

Did you grow up in church? Did your church have activities that encouraged you to memorize Scriptures?


Sunshine said...

I grew up in church and my jr. high Sunday School teacher had us memorize scriptures. If we memorized so many within a certain amount of time she would take us to the buffet at Mr. Gatti's (a pizza joint). Even being a little older our teacher made it a lot of we got free pizza : )

Candy said...

I did grow up in church, but I don't really remember memorizing scriputre. I do remember going to GA's, but not much about it. Ethan loves AWANA too!!!
Ya'll have a great weekend! :)

Faith said...

I went to Awanas when I was younger and I LOVED it! I only wish I remembered all the scripture that I learned back then!
That is wonderful for him to have this foundation of learning God's word now!

Leigh Ann said...

We had GA's (Girls in Action) and I loved that. I know there is nothing that warms a mom's heart more that their child learning to love Jesus. Luke seems like such a sweet boy, but I knew he would be since you and Eric are his parents! :)

Jen said...

I grew up in church but we really didn't memorize much scripture. I wish I had though and I want my kids to.

Luke looked like he loves it!

Thanks for sharing.