Thursday, July 17, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday!

Here's me and my sweeties last June at my cousin's wedding. Luke was Keith and Amy's ring bearer and he did an awesome job! He was NOT very excited about it at all. My brother, Patrick, was our ring bearer and he's 24 years old now. I never served in a wedding as a flower girl...awwww!!!! Don't little girls just love this?!? I love going to weddings and I have only been in a handful...maybe three.

We had a pretty big wedding (at our church, five attendants apiece, 250 guests, etc.) and I loved planning it. There are probably tons of things I would have done differently now, but I love looking back at my pictures and remembering all the work (and fun) it was!

How many weddings have you been in?

How big was your wedding?


Megan said...

What a sweet family photo! Charlie and I had a big wedding/reception and I wouldn't change a thing about it. In two months we will celebrate one year of marriage. I have been in four weddings and "served" in countless others. You know, served at the reception or before the wedding at the book. Weddings are wonderful, but marriage is even better!

Make Life Delicious said...

I've been in about 4 weddings. Aside from having to wear the dresses I didn't care for too much, it was fun.
Keith and I had a small wedding. We got married in the garden of the Main Library downtown and had right around 80 guests. It was a lot of fun and to me, very beautiful. We got married at sunset so i could have tons of candles everywhere.
I totally agree with Megan, wedding are great, but marriage is so much better!

Anonymous said...

Amy - I read your blog quite a bit. It is very fun! Until I started reading Sunshine's I had never made a comment! I'm on a roll now - this will be my fourth - woo hoo!

Anyway - I think I've only been in 2 weddings. One in the early 90's where the bride chose mauve dresses with green bows and shoes - oh my! I got to choose the dress in the 2nd one and it was much better.

Jeff and I had a very small wedding. We semi-eloped. I never dreamed of the big wedding and it was stressing me out to plan a small one. So Jeff asked me about a month and a half before the planned date if I would marry him that night. His grandfather is a Baptist minister and he married us that night under a tree at the Mt Ida court house. If I remember correctly there were 11 of us - ha. I love our story and our wedding memories! Thanks for asking! ~Carmella

Leigh Ann said...

I have been in five weddings as a bridesmaid and a flower girl and I sat at a bride's book. I love weddings, but I don't think I would ever want to plan one again. Luckily, when I got married, weddings were the events they are today. We got married at church and had the reception in the gym. Nothing fancy, but it was so special to us. I love that picture of your three. Luke looks so cute in his littel tuxedo.

Megan L Hutchings said...

This is so sweet! Even though he may not of enjoyed himself, he looked adorable! I have been in three weddings so far...two bridesmaid and one flower girl! They are so much fun!

Both of our families live in TN so our wedding was fairly big. It was simple but beautiful and loads of fun!!!!

Kelly said...

I was a flower girl I twice and I've been a bridesmaid eight times (counting one I'm in this fall). I believe that will be the end of my wedding career but it's been fun.
We had a normal sized wedding I guess. We each had 4 attendants (which I thought was pretty small) and we had about 250-300 guests.