Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Girls' Trip to Branson

Last month my friend, LaDonna, and I left for our 4th annual Girls' Weekend Getaway! We decided on Branson for a short 3 night trip and it was so nice to get away from work, cleaning house, taking care of others, responsibilities and "TO DO" lists. Here's our little home away from home. It was a cute cabin! It had a great screened-in back porch with a real porch swing. We had so much fun reading, renting movies and playing Scrabble (or Scramble as LaDonna calls it!).

On Friday we later laughingly discovered that we had planned a "Big Boat" theme. First we went to the Titanic exhibit then later it was off to another big boat-Noah the Musical! How funny! We couldn't stop laughing when we realized this!

The Titanic was so cool! When you entered they gave you a boarding pass of an actual passenger on the boat. You had to look for clues about your person throughout the exhibit. Then at the end, you went to the Memorial Room to see if your person survived (My person, Alma, did not live. She and her 4 children perished due to being in 3rd class! Poor little things! LaDonna's character, on the other hand, was a very wealthy woman named Charlotte. She and her son bullied their way on to a rescue boat and made it). See...I told you this stuff was interesting! :)
It was amazing to see how big the ship was and neat to see real artifacts from it.

Isn't this funny? We had just gotten finished eating at the Hard Luck Diner and knew we had to have a photo op here! So cute! I felt so tiny! The Hard Luck Diner is a neat place. It's a 1950s-type hamburger joint in which the waiters and waitresses actually walk around singing in between waiting on the tables. There's a wide variety of singers (male/female, young/older). They all had really nice voices and a few guys had made it to American Idol. Several people sang Christian songs as well. Very fun place with yummy hamburgers!

This is the Sight and Sound Theatre where Noah the Musical was shown. It looked like something straight out of the Bible on the outside and the play was very entertaining with all the live animals. Luke would have loved it!

We decided to picnic at Table Rock Lake because the weather was so nice! It was like that the whole weekend-not hot at all, which is unusual for late June. We actually got kinda chilly sitting here eating and talking and talking and talking....Ha! Well, we weren't expecting the picnic areas to be under water. We found a bench right at the water's edge and it was very neat being so close.

We decided not to sit at this picnic table.

We had a wonderful time of relaxation. Of course, we had to take in some outlet malls and made a trip to the new Branson Landing. We had some Mexican food, sat out by the water and got some yummy desserts. We always have such a good time on our little mini-vacations.
I'm so thankful God has given me LaDonna to be my friend.

Proverbs 17:17a says, "A friend loves at all times...".

When is the last time you took a trip with your best friend?

What's your favorite thing to do in Branson?


Candy said...

This trip looks like so much fun!!! I LOVE the idea of taking a trip with your friend! Nope, I have never done that! :0 It looks like there is lots to do in Branson! I haven't been there since I was little. Are you still planning on coming to the P.Shirer conference?

Make Life Delicious said...

Believe it or not, I've never been to Branson! Growing up in Texas there is so much to do you don't even have to leave the state : ) Now that I'm here, I've heard all about it and would love to go!!

Leigh Ann said...

Would you believe we have NEVER been to Branson? Gasp! That looks so fun. Derek is VERY intrigued by the Titanic. We went to a Titanic exhibit in Memphis and it was very interesting. I think your event sounded more fun. My sister took my nephew to see "Noah" and they all loved it! I'm glad you got to get away. I'm so thankful for good friends!

dcbow said...

Amy it's me Chira! April gave me your blog and i read it all the time. I love it! It makes me miss you though.
we went to Branson last year. It was fun. I don't take trips just with girl friends or my sisters not because i don't want to but we just can't all get our schedules together.
Love you girl. Tell April I have lost her phone numbers or I would have called her back and told her how much we loved seeing her.

Anonymous said...

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