Sunday, July 27, 2008

Road trip to Dallas

A few weeks ago, Eric & I decided to take a short trip without Luke. We were looking for something relatively close by and somewhere we had not been before. We had both been separately with friends, but not a trip together. We knew we wanted to shop and had scoped out some restaurants that we wanted to go to, but didn't really know what else we would do.

On our way, we were talking about Texas and Eric's take on Texas was, "Other than the Dallas Cowboys, Texas doesn't really have anything to brag about! It's just big!" Ha! Our friends, Mark and Kristie, disagree! These transplanted Texans joked with us that we were headed for the Promised Land! WHATEVER! It's just hard for any die-hard Razorback fan like Eric to say he likes anything about Texas.

One thing on our "To Do List" was a trip to IKEA. Oh my goodness! This was amazing! This store has it all! We had a list of things to look for and to get for our house. It is two stories and has an amazing selection of furniture, kitchen stuff, picture frames, kids' stuff, you name it! We were in there for A LONG TIME!

Here's Eric loading up our new computer chair for our office (I'm sitting in it right now...he did a good job of putting it together!). He was trying to be patient with all my picture taking...he knew he was going to end up on my blog. :)

I loved so many things about this place. I definitely want to take a girls' trip back here soon!

We spent a lot of time on I-121, which happened to be a toll road from downtown Dallas to Friscoe. It was weird, because sometimes the toll would be 40 cents, another time 50 cents and then it was $1.00. One time we had gotten off the wrong exit and Eric was trying to figure out which lane we needed to be in and we accidentally (seriously!!!) passed straight through without paying. OH MY GOODNESS-HOW MUCH IS THAT GOING TO COST US? Oh well...just some po dunk Arkansans trying to find their way around. It wasn't easy...

We did pretty good. Like I said, we missed a few turns. I was the navigator and Eric was the driver. We make a great team, if I do say so myself!

This shopping center was called Mockingbird Station and it was right down the street from our hotel. This is the place that had the movie theatre. It also had a Cold Stone Creamery, a Japanese restaurant (we ate there TWO times), Gap, Paperie & Co., Urban Outfitters and West Elm. There are also loft apartments above all the stores. Very urban!

West Elm is a really cool store that has lots of things to look at, but not much to buy on this trip. They are a sister store to Pottery Barn.

Speaking of pottery, here are our new dishes. After using our daily white china with scalloped edges for 15 years, we decided to get something new. We had fun picking out a mixture of solids and prints. Hope they last as long as the Johnson Brothers dishes we received from Dillards in 1993!

Leaving Texas we decided that we loved it after all. Just don't tell anyone! Ha!

What's your favorite thing about Texas?


Faith said...

What a fun getaway! So glad the two of you had some time together. Looks like a great time of shopping too...I love the dishes you got! They are building an IKEA in our city and I can't wait for it to be finished. I've never been to one before. Is that where you got your dishes?

Make Life Delicious said...

Mark & Kristie are definitely right....Texas IS the Promise land!! (Coming from another native Texan, of course! : ) I LOVE Texas, and Eric is totally wrong....there is PLENTY to do in Texas!! If you ever get the chance Austin and San Antonio are a must! They have much more to offer than Dallas if you ask me!
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love your new dishes!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

What a GREAT getaway! I am so glad that the two of you were able to find some time to spend together ;)! I have never been to an IKEA, but I want to go to one so bad!!!

Shannon said...

My fave thing about Texas is family. We don't see them near enough. I'm LOVING all the pictures on this post because you know I LOVE pictures!

Kelly said...

I understand trying NOT to like TX when you are a die hard hog fan. But I love Dallas. There is so much to do. I could stay in Ikea forever - it's so fun and big! And there are SO many great shopping areas in Dallas and restaurants. I'm dying to go sometime soon. I have a lot of family there so I should go more often that I do.
P.S. Toll booths STRESS ME OUT!

Candy said...

I'm glad ya'll had a great trip together! I would LOVE to go in an IKEA store! I love your new dishes!We lived in Tyler,TX for a couple of years and loved it. Ethan was born there. :)

Megan said...

I am jealous! I've been wanting to take a get away with my Charlie all summer, but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. When I went to Ikea a few years ago, I was totally overwhelmed. Your dishes are so fun and festive.

Leigh Ann said...

I'm glad you got a chance to get away with Eric. How fun! I want to go to IKEA now. It sounds amazing. I LOVE your new dishes. I'm kind of tired of my 1994 white dishes, too. I love what you picked. Toll booths stink!

Lauren said...

Oh I LOVE the Big D! I actually lived there for a whole 3 months... Long story! I also love IKEA... Very fun place!