Thursday, August 7, 2008

Future Profession?

I was talking to a friend tonight about our Disney trip in May and she asked how Luke enjoyed flying for the first time. As a typical 6-year-old boy, he loved it for the first 10 minutes. After he had checked every thing out, he started with his favorite activity: ASKING QUESTIONS! For example, "How long until we get to Atlanta?", "When we get to the airport, how long will we have to wait?" and "How long until that lady brings me a Sprite?". Ha!

We had the NICEST flight attendant. I think her name was Debbie (?). When she discovered this was Luke's first flight, she came back to our seats several times to answer questions and tell Luke all kinds of neat things. Eric asked if Delta still gave the little flight wings, but since 9/11 they had to stop that. You know...that little straight pin might stab someone...!

Our new friend arranged for Luke to sit up in the pilot's seat, put on his hat and we got to take pictures. I was already imagining the scrapbook layout for this...I think I saw some cool 12X12 paper at Hobby Lobby...Ha! The pilot spoke with Luke for a few minutes and gave him a little card with the picture of our airplane on it. They were super nice!

I was 16 years old when I flew for the first time. I like flying (even though I'm not a fan of heights), but I'm kinda like Luke...the whole waiting thing gets to me. I always take a book and magazines, but there is something about traveling that just wipes me out!

Do you like flying? How old were you when you flew for the first time?


Megan L Hutchings said...

Luke looks pretty good in that pilot hat!

Lauren said...

LOVE flying by myself (or with hubby ofcourse).... Absolutely DESPISE flying with children. Drew and I flew (by ourselves... Seth was in Iraq) 15 times!! That's enough to do me in for years. I also love airports... again... sans kids!

I will say that the flight attendants can make or break a flight... with kids especially.

Leigh Ann said...

How fun. Luke looks super cute and right at home up in the cockpit! What great pictures. I think I was 14 on my first flight when my family went on vacation to Mexico. Traveling wipes me out, too, now. I think it's because now we are mom! :)

Faith said...

Luke is so handsome!

I HATE flying...seriously! The first time I flew I was 19, got so worked up and motion sick that I hyperventilated AND threw was not pretty! I've thrown up on every flight I've been on, except for two or three. It's so not fun!