Thursday, February 21, 2008

Luke lost his first tooth!

Luke will be 7 in July and most of his friends have already lost their first teeth. It wasn't bothering him, but he was very excited when a few weeks ago when we felt the first wiggles. I loved checking on them daily (the two bottom ones). I don't mind wiggling teeth when they are first loose, but I'm not all about pulling them. Fortunately for me, Eric's parents were staying with us last week because they were having some work done to their hardwood floors. Eric's mom, Randie, has been the "official tooth puller-outer" in their family for over 30 years! So she was told to be on standby for pulling this tooth.

Last Wednesday night at church he was eating Fun Dip and when he bit down on the stick, it really made the bottom left one loose. So when he came home, she just grabbed a washcloth and started at it. He's usually a pretty cautious kid, but he was a real trooper. She just wiggled, tugged and pulled until it came right out. He wasn't even freaked out by the blood. He was very proud and immediately had to call Auntie, MaLee & Pop!

The tooth fairy made a stop with $5! Man! We must have gotten a rich little tooth fairy. What's up with the 50 cents I used to get?!? Ha! He was very proud and when he smiles now, he drops down his bottom lip so you are sure to see the little gaps. I said gaps because the very next night, Thursday February 14th, he lost another one! Such an exciting week!


Megan said...

$5.00? What in the world? I'm with you, Amy, I got 50 cents and was very excited about it.

Leigh Ann said...

How exciting. He is growing up!

Leigh Ann said...

Amy, check my blog. I tagged you again...if you have time and want to do this. :)