Saturday, February 2, 2008


The Inviting Company is a factory/warehouse here in town that has a clearance sale on scrapbooking paper, diaper bags, plates, napkins, notecards, post-it notes, cardstock, custom stationery, etc. a couple of times a year. I went last March and had a ball shopping for all of that stuff. I wanted to go this morning, but I knew that would not be Luke's favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning. So what did I do? BRIBE!!!! I told him he had to do 3 things this morning and he would earn $10 to go to Target and get whatever he wanted. The three things were: 1) Feed the guinea pigs 2) Don't gripe when it's time to go and 3) Be good shopping (this means he has to stay by me and not ask me "When we are going to leave?" 100 times). He was all about making a deal. He was so good!!!

My friend, LaDonna, went with me and Luke this morning about 10:30. When we walked in there were at least 100 people shopping and the lines to pay were about 20 people long. It was so overwhelming!!! I saw my bunko friend Leslie and Megan's mom both getting some great deals. We didn't have a shopping cart at first, but I realized we weren't going to be able to buy much without one, so I followed a lady with a cart out to her car and helped her unload her boxes to have use of the cart. Then we started!!! :) I love the custom stationery and party goods. They were half off today and each package of plates or napkins was 13 cents apiece! You could buy a box of 10 packages of plates for $1.25!!! It was crazy. I bought some things for a baby shower I'm hosting next month and stuff for 3 more parties! I'm going to have to start inviting people over now! Ha!

They have cute polka dot vinyl diaper bags for $5 and I bought one for a girl at work. I bought all the things you see on my dining room table for $35! LaDonna got out of there only paying $21. She didn't even have intentions on buying much, but then couldn't help it. She says I'm a bad influence-but at least we bargain shop!!!

After our quick trip to Target for (more) Ben 10 toys for Luke, we called it a day! It was so fun! I had a shopping buzz for a few hours-sick!!!! I know it!


Megan said...

I love the paper sale! Those bb grill invites were used for our couple's shower last summer. I love them!