Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are these worth it?

I saw these new FitFlops on Bath & Body Works website. They are supposed to burn calories, strengthen and tone your muscles and generally help you get in shape just by wearing them. All for the low price of $49.99!!! I'm always looking for comfy flip flops in the summer, so I went to Park Plaza and tried them. I thought if they are that great, I can justify spending the money (somehow!!!!-that's A LOT of money for flip flops!). But I tried them on and I just wasn't impressed. The little piece in between the toes just bugged me!

So I went to the mall this afternoon and got these Adidas Ayuna flip flops for $24.99. They have foam bottoms and they are SO comfortable! I thought I would wear them this summer at Wild River Country or at Typhoon Lagoon at WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!! DID I MENTION THAT IN SIX SHORT WEEKS I WILL BE THERE?!? Oh my goodness! I am very excited!

Would you pay $49.99 for a pair of flip flops? Have you tried either one of these shoes?


Sunshine said...

I'm with you, Amy! It would take a lot for me to fork over $49 for a pair of flip flops! Just yesterday I was searching some stores online to try to find a comfy pair of flip flops...most of which cost around $40-$50, which I just couldn't bring myself to spend. Now, $25 I can handle and I might just have to check out those Adidas flip flops myself : )

Megan said...

My Charlie bought me some Croc flip flops for $30.00 last summer at Gander Mtn. He was so surprised at the price. They are the most comfortable flip flops ever!

Shannon said...

$50 Flip flips??? Giiirl! I LOVE flip flops but hardly ever spend over $15.00 for them. I'm cheap!