Thursday, April 10, 2008

Easter Day 2008

Here's Luke all "duded up" for church on Easter morning. I've always loved picking out his clothes. With him getting older this may all come to an end soon. Just this winter, it was the first time he told me he didn't want to wear something because it looked "too baby". So sad...

Luke loves church, his Sunday School teachers, going to choir, his lifelong friends and AWANA. That's all good, but Eric and I pray that we are pointing him to Jesus each and every day. He has such a sweet heart and it is my prayer that he will come to know the Lord at an early age. I know that the Lord will be able to do great things through this little boy.

I didn't grow up in church
and I love that he will be able to say that he grew up in church. He says such sweet prayers. He's very good to remember those we are praying for and to think of little things that I might forget.

I actually bought an Easter dress this year. I'm glad we all ended up wearing sleeves because it was a bit chilly this morning.

Here are my sweeties. Don't they look like twins? Eric is such a wonderful daddy. He is so much more patient with Luke than I am. Luke really gets his funny sense of humor from Eric and everyday he says things that my sister, April, and I say "that is JUST like Eric!!!".

After church, we headed out to my sister and brother-in-law's house for their 7th Annual Luncheon and Easter Egg Hunt. They open their home (with tons of acres, a pond, a barn full of horses and plenty places to hide eggs) every year for this. It's for family and tons of friends who don't have family here for whatever reason. We usually have about 50 people out. For the past couple of years, April and I have taken care of all the food and everyone just chips in to help out with the cost. This year we had ham, potato salad, slaw, baked beans, rolls, desserts and sweet tea. We just have everything out on a buffet in the yard, grab lawn chairs and let the kiddos run wild (in their play clothes, of course!!!).

Here's our sweet friend Kara Lane. Our stomachs usually end up hurting from all the laughing we do with this crazy girl!

Look at these goofballs! Of all the things to do on an Easter in the horses' hay! Most of the kids ended up here at one time or another (at least those without allergies...ha!).

The guys hide all the eggs while the mothers corral the kids at the back of the field and then we let them loose! Craziness-I tell you! Thank goodness we put the little kids in the a special spot or these big kids would just bulldoze over the babies. I think they are all trying to find the money eggs!

What an incredible Easter day! I will never stop being amazed with how much the Lord has blessed me!

2 Thessalonians 1:16-18 says: "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."


Leigh Ann said...

Such a sweet post...such a sweet family.

Megan said...

Your Easter day sounds so fun! I love the tradition you and April have started. The picture of the boys in the hay is great and the one of the kids running to hunt eggs is great, too. By the way, your hair always looks so good.