Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm getting TWIN nieces!

Eric's little sister, Leslie, is having TWIN GIRLS! She's already in her third trimester and everything is going great! We are sooooo happy to be having some girls in this family. My immediate side of the family has not had any girls in a long time. My uncle has 4 boys, I have 2 brothers, I have 2 nephews and 1 son! So I'm ready for girls!

I went shopping for the babies this afternoon. Leslie and Patrick aren't telling the names until they get here, so it's just Baby A and Baby B for now. :) Why is shopping for girls' clothes so much fun!?! I had such a fun time looking at all the little tiny onesies, dresses and outfits. These pics aren't what I purchased...just wanted to put some tiny pink clothes on my blog! :)

How cute is this?!? Gymboree has the cutest clothes, but they sure are proud of them! :) Everyone that knows me well knows that I'm a sucker for cardigans! Mentally, I guess I'm 85...Eric swears he is going to bury me in my favorite black granny cardigan!

Spring is my favorite time to buy clothes. The weather has been crazy here and it's still cold at times. I'm so ready for capris and sandals I can't stand it! I love this little white sundress with the flowers on it!

I called Leslie today to ask if I could buy the babies clothes that weren't identical. She said that she and Patrick weren't going to purposefully dress the babies alike all the time. I like that. I have a friend, Robin, that has twin boys and she always does a great job of coordinating them, but not dressing them identically. Eric wanted me to have twins SOOOOO bad. When I was having my first ultrasound he kept saying, "Please let there be two...". Oh well...he gets two nieces! We feel very blessed to have them coming!

Do you have twins in your family? What's your favorite thing about twins?