Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Favorite Room

Kelly from Kelly's Korner asked people to post their favorite room in their house. My favorite rooms are my bedroom and master bath (I was kinda surprised that SO many of you guys picked your kitchen. I have to unload/load the dishwasher way TOO many times for that to be my favorite room). Ha! We have had our bedding for a few years and I love it! My son threw up on it a few months ago and I about had a panic attack (I'm seriously just kidding!), because I knew I could never replace it. It was a gift from my sweet mother-in-law and she got it at Steinmart. If you shop there, you know that they don't keep things very long.

I know what you are thinking...where are their accessories?!? Yes, I am well aware that I don't have enough stuff sitting out. We redid our whole house last spring (new floors, furniture, paint, accessories, etc.). Notice that accessories was the last thing on that list. Need to go shopping.
Those black, leather boxes have pictures on the top. My husband bought those and gave them to me for Christmas. One has a picture of Luke at the beach and one has a picture of the two of us.

The walls are the palest blue you can imagine and it's very peaceful. Other than the dusting and floors, this room usually stays cleaner than the others in the house.

From our bedroom you come straight into the bathroom. I picked out the color for the bathroom and I LOVE IT! I told Eric that I wanted this room to be Tiffany & Co. blue and we came pretty close (the colors are a little more vibrant in person). Love taking long baths before bed every night. I love to read and I usually take a book with me! I know...I am weird!

The little statue in the corner was a Mother's Day gift from Eric and Luke last year. It's from Africa and the three little people represent us! Love it!

Our bathroom is almost galley shaped-it's pretty narrow and only has one sink, so we usually take turns in morning (we learned long ago that this works best for us!!!). Ha! After being married for almost 15 years, you learn all kinds of interesting things.

There's Eric's shower right past the tub. From there you walk straight into the closet we share. Notice that is NOT my favorite room in the house. It needs a major overhaul! Wish I could hire one of those companies to totally organize my closet...oh well.

I thought this was a fun post and now it is your turn! What is your favorite room?


Candy said...

How beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. My bedding came from Stein Mart too and I'm very careful with it. :)

Kelly said...

I LOVE the colors in your bedroom and bath!! Love your wood floors! It looks so pretty!

Meredith said...

What a peaceful room! I love that you take a bath every night-that must be the best way to relax and unwind.

Kim said...

Hi! Just wondering if you could tell me what color you used in your bathroom? My husband and I just bought our first house and I'm going through paint ideas like crazy! I know I want a blue and I love yours! If you don't mind, my email is Thank you!

Sunshine said...

I love your bedroom, too! Those are some of my favorite colors together! And accessories....who needs accessories??! Just more for you to dust and keep clean : )
I think my favorite room is our bedroom at the moment. I would maybe say the kitchen if it was bigger, but in our town house our kitchen is way too small so it frustrates me sometimes : )

Jennifer said...

Your room is adorable! I love the colors!

Heidi Zawisza said...

I love love love your bedding!! Where did you find it??

Have a great weekend!
Heidi Zawisza

His Doorkeeper said...

Love the color of your bed and bath. I like the artwork over your bathtub...very nice! Love Stein Mart!

Tanya said...

Love the blues and browns. Also like the modern look of the bedding with the rustic look of the sculpture (?) on the wall. Thanks for sharing.

Faith said...

Love SteinMart! The colors in your bed/bath are so pretty...we re-did our room a year or so ago and picked the same color scheme, so of course I really like it!
The art over your tub is very cool!
Thanks for sharing!

Leigh Ann said...

I love your rooms. I'm with you...nothing beats a bath! I love the pale blue mixed with the chocolate brown...two of my favorite color combinations together. Oh, and I love SteinMart, too! :)

MomsTheWord said...

I love that color of blue. I am so bad at picking out paint. You did a great job at tranquil!