Monday, May 26, 2008

Rainy Riverfest

Friday night Eric, Luke and I went to Riverfest for a catfish dinner and then we crossed the new walking bridge over to NLR (what a trek!!!) to hear some music from someone Eric knew. I guess The Nobility was Luke's first official concert.

Saturday Luke and I went back to Riverfest with my sister April, bro-in-law Bryan, nephews and with a friend Kristie and her kiddos! Here we are enjoying our free drinks and Yarnall's ice cream in the hospitality pavilion (Thanks ER&I!!!).

Here's Hannah & Cody hanging out with the Riverfest mascot (?). Ha! That creature must have been burning up, because it seemed like it was about 125 degrees!

The boys are LOVING their Krispy Kreme donuts. Since they were able to dip them in the chocolate themselves, they had so much dripping everywhere! YUMMY!

See how much taller I am than my little sister! I think we were delirious from the heat.

We attempted to watch the Jessie White Tumblers from Chicago (my favorite part of Riverfest), but it started raining and those guys were slipping all over the mats. So we walked down a little bit and it started raining even more. The kids hung out in the rain, but all of the grown ups were crowded under the Heifer International goat tent! Good Times!

I'm so thankful for my sister's family and my new friend, Kristie! I love you, guys!

Have you ever been to Riverfest? What is your favorite Riverfest memory?


Faith said...

Hey Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your family is adorable! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend at Riverfest.
P.S. I LOVE me some salt and pepper catfish! Yum!

Sunshine said...

Hi Amy! We had planned on going to Riverfest this year, but with the weather and such we decided not to go. Despite the rain, it looks like you guys had an awesome time!

A great memory of Riverfest - One of our first dates was going to Riverfest! We went to see BB King and we had a great time.