Sunday, May 4, 2008

Petit Jean

I just realized that I forgot to post these pics of a weekend trip to Petit Jean. We went last month and had the BEST time. This was my first time to go with Eric & Luke and explore all over the place. I've gone scrapbooking a few times up there, but when I've done that it's nothing but cutting out pictures and sticking 'em in an album. Plus, plenty of meals, snacks and cutting up with my sister and my friends. No nature walks or picnics on those trips...

We've had tons of rain, so the waterfall was so huge and loud. We walked down this really cool trail that leads to this overlook facing the waterfall. I wasn't expecting to be SO high up! I don't know if you know this, but I have a HUGE PHOBIA OF HEIGHTS!!!! Oh my was scary! But I prayed and talked myself through standing there on the deck overlooking the waterfall. I was trying not to act like a freak around my son. Ha! All the while, Eric is trying not to laugh at me.

Here's Lukey on the front porch of our little cabin. I say little because it was really a glorified motel room/duplex cabin with a wood burning fireplace. It was clean and that's all that matters when you are "camping". This is my kind of roughing it!!!

This view is right behind Mather Lodge where we had breakfast Saturday morning. YUMMY!

Me and my sweetie, Luke. He was running a high fever Thursday and Friday and we almost canceled our trip. Even on the way up to Petit Jean, he was sick. He had fever, was listless and had no appetite. When we pulled up to the Lodge to check in, he jumped out of the car, got a burst of energy and his sickness was TOTALLY gone! I'm going to have to remember that next time he runs 101 fever. We will be taking a road trip to Mather Lodge-it has healing powers.

Here's Luke on the turtle rocks. We went to three different overlooks and two 30-minute trails. We will have to go back in the fall to hoof it down to the bottom of the waterfall-I think it takes about 2 hours for that walk. Luke didn't have the stamina for that (plus Eric didn't want to carry him back up the trail).

Looks like a greeting card for Father's Day, doesn't it? Luke sure does love his daddy. Eric has told Luke a different made-up story every night since he was about 2 years old. They love practicing T-ball in the yard, fishing, playing Wii, 4-wheel riding in Sheridan and driving me crazy with weird voices. :)

We ended our trip with a picnic on one of the overlooks (over by Petit Jean's grave). I took a picture of it, but decided posting grave pictures was not something I wanted on my blog. Ha! The story of Petit Jean is very cool if you've never heard it. I loved it, but Eric was laughing at me and said he thought it was all made up and a publicity stunt. Do you see the pattern here? Eric laughing at me!?! Yeah, so do I. The Lord sure did know what I needed when he sent me my Eric. And his little "mini-me", Luke. I love them!


Leigh Ann said...

I was wondering where you have been! :) That looks like such a fun trip. I love the pic of the boys fishing. You should get that one blown up. So sweet! I agree, Luke is Eric's "Mini me."

Megan said...

Oh I love Petit Jean. It's so pretty up there. Your pictures are great!

Megan L Hutchings said...

This sounds like so much fun! I adore the picture of Eric & Luke by the precious.

Sunshine said...

Awesome pictures, Amy! The hike to the bottom of the water fall is not bad. Much easier than hiking to the top of Pinnacle, that's for sure!! Keith and I hiked it a couple of years ago. (We haven't been back since then because of a not so good incident that happened while we where there) I would like to try to go back though and stay the weekend sometime, there are so many other trails and things to do...did you guys stay in the lodge or in the cabins? We might even look in to their campsites so we could take Riley (our dog) with us. Hope you guys have a good trip! Ride Soarin' for me!! You can do it! : )